Equestrian Buildings And Timber Buildings

Bridge Timber Stables offer a wide variety of Equestrian buildings and Timber buildings, with many different options available to suit each individual budget.

Here at Bridge Timber Stables we produce the highest quality equestrian buildings and stables.  Built with quality craftsmanship, and the finest of treated timber, but still remaining competitive to the market.

As well as providing accurate specifications and plans, here at Bridge Stables we are able to supply accurate architect drawings (additional to the stable cost), to assist with the planning process.

Bridge Timber Stables can offer a variety of Equestrian buildings from private land to professional establishments.  As all our buildings are bespoke built, we are able to offer a wide range of sizes, styles and specifications.  This then enables us to offer you a high, flexible professional service.

Bridge Timber Stables ranges include:

  • Equestrian Buildings
  • Timber stables
  • Field shelters
  • Mobile Field Shelters
  • Internal stables
  • Loose boxes
  • Garages
  • Barns

Whichever solution you choose, Bridge Timber Stables are confident you will receive the highest standard of craftsmanship, along with professionalism in the process.  We are focused on ensuring your horse is comfortable and safe within there new home, whilst the equestrian building is suitable for your surroundings.

Further Information

Our dedicated sales team are happy to discuss your full requirements, and assist you in generating your perfect building.

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