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When shopping for stables there are many aspects which people consider from the horses’ comfort in their new dwelling to the additional room or storage space any timber stables might give them for storing kit or equipment, or even in the case of the stable being used in a home or garden rather than a professional yard, the space for gardening equipment but for many people there is another concern and it is one which can make or break a decision.

For many people the biggest concern is the look of the stables and assorted buildings. Whether the stable is being used for one horse or seven and whether it’s in the deep country or just on the outskirts of a village or town having a stable which gives the right impression and looks the part is one of the major needs for yard owners and horse owners.

Whilst yard owners will be, quite rightly, concerned with giving their clients and potential clients the best possible impression of the horse accommodation and giving their clients the right impression about them and their business, personal owners and country lovers might be more focused on how the building looks when it is set in the countryside.

If the stable is too modern it can look out of place with the rural setting and stick out but quality is also important.

This is the very reason why Bridge Timber specialises in Timber Stables for Sale; with the direct aim of providing the Right Stable for the Right Price – see our sales team for further details.

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